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Ashford & Simpson
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From the old school r&b, legendary duo, Ashford and Simpson, who brought you hits like, "Ain't No Mountain High Enough," this sought after first album recorded by A&S is now available on CD with original artwork and liner notes. With a production quality as clean and powerful as ever, this is a classic album that r&b fans, as well as collectors, will want to get their hands on. Highly recommended. [ More Info/Purhase... ]

Chris Jasper
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Retro r&b and funk is alive and well! And who better to deliver its newborn state unto our 70's/80's starved souls other than veteran and former Isley Brother Chris Jasper? This is an album that leaves nothing to be desired. Sit back and let him to do the driving. [ More Info/Purhase... ]

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Weaving an oh-so-smooth tapestry of worldly R&B Soul steeped in Jazz, Jazzhole leaves no corner of the heart dark with their sonic, full-flavored textures of down-tempo beats, chilled-out pockets of trippy, floating sensations, liquidy melodic lines and winding vocals. May cause a pleasant, buzzy feeling. [ More Info/Purhase... ]

Livin Out Loud
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It's only a matter of seconds before your shoulders are boppin' and your hips rockin' to this smooth but insanely catchy R&B Soul Pop. But it's no wonder why because living up to their name, "Living Out Loud" asserts its way into your blood with the silk of Chaka Kahn and the Soul of Stevie Wonder. With thick vocal harmonies supported by instrumental textures so solid you can dance on them, this buttery feast of Soul will have you licking your lips. [ More Info/Purhase... ]

Walter McCarty
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Feel like being seduced tonight? Need a little musical lovin'? Walter McCarty sings with that chocolatey-rich but feather-light touch that calls to mind names like Shawn Stockman, Brian McKnight and Donnie Hathaway. With a colorful palette of Jazz and Pop, these smooth, fluid, R&B tracks slip effortlessly into your heart and surround you with sensuality...something like silk sheets. If smoove is your groove, "Moment For Love" should be your next move. [ More Info/Purhase... ]

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