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Bamuthi, SeeKing, Marcus Rene Van, Charles Ellik, Sonia Whittle,
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"Think you hate poetry? Then you havem't been to a Slam!" Met with equally powerful spoken word performances, and ranging in personality from punk rock to theatre arts to hip hop and comedy, this all-out album of dynamic and diverse poetry goes in for the kill from the first to the last track with vivid, evocative and dramatic readings. Giving you an inside ear on one of the best attended Poetry Slams in the country, this sampling of 10 of the finest poets from the 2000 season celebrates the art of wordsmithing. [ More Info/Purhase... ]

Henry Rollins
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With over 100 shows a year, 17 years and counting, and a loyal fan base, dedicated, die-hard and notable spoken word artist, writer, musician and actor, Henry Rollins, steps into your living room with a dynamic CD from a live comedy show. Take the opportunity to enjoy these musings over and over again and let Rollins guide you through this mad, crazy world with "Eric the Pilot." [ More Info/Purhase... ]

Minton Sparks
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In this sensory-rich gem of home-grown, wholesome spoken word poetry with musical performances by Keb Mo and Maura O'Connell, you can expect to be lulled and tickled with the simple, revealing and pointed images of Minton Sparks that weave vivid images of then and now for the dreams and memoirs of a country girl. Kick back with a glass of lemonade and step back in time. [ More Info/Purhase... ]

Sekou (tha misfit)
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National poetry slam champion and award-winning hip-hop artist, Sekou, presents a powerful spoken-word double CD for the socially-conscious, discriminating listener. From his musically beat-heavy commentary laced with humor that makes you both laugh and shudder, this unfliching, unwavering voice not only overwhelms the senses with conviction but creeps in and slowly erodes all those little "Pop Culture" constructs we love to hang on to. From themes of life-altering relationships to the loathsome Jeep Cherokee, you won't soon forget his messages. [ More Info/Purhase... ]

Tamara Madison Shaw
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Grand Prize Winner of the 2002 First Literary Recording Contest for Manzanita Quarterly and AUTHENTIC VOICEwork Records, Ms. Shaw is a master wordsmith, working in the vivid colors of cultural introspection, social reflection and profound insight. Addressing issues and undercurrents that specifically apply to women, from their challenges to their gifts and universal abundance of life force, Shaw spins sparkling webs of thought and emotion into poems so full of life and sensory richness that you can taste, smell and touch them. An exquisite spoken word album, tastefully punctuated by music. [ More Info/Purhase... ]

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