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A potent distillation of dreamy 60's Pop, Brit Pop, psychedelia, and a spoonful of sugar, stirred with resonance and reverb. A sweet wash of sound that goes straight for the senses and bathes the brain in a sonic expanse so glorious that it calls to mind a tropical paradise of turquoise and green. To top off every well-steeped infusion are wispy male vocals that seem to come from the distance and everywhere at the same time. If you grew up in the 80's and 90's, it's particularly a must. [ More Info/Purhase... ]

Jacquie Barnaby
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This is what I'd like to call the "Genuine Article". Hiding behind no flashy audio effects or over priced studio cleansing, we find the purest of pure. This woman has a voice that would give Joni Mitchell goosebumps. Her graceful fingers explain a longtime love affair with her piano while her tortured lyrics give you a view of her love-hate relationship with life. [ More Info/Purhase... ]

The Atomiks
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Dashed with New Wave eccentricities, a sassy, hair-twirling, gum-snapping, mattress sticker-ripping, Poppin' attitude, the Atomiks name didn't come by accident. Teetering on the edge of neurosis and glue-sniffing hallucinations, this fun, upbeat Pop is only to be ingested at your own risk. [ More Info/Purhase... ]

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Emo Power Pop that's like a cache of Starburst candies, catching a monster wave, cruising down the highway with the top down, long summer days, partying with your friends and reaching into your pocket to find a $50 dollar bill.. all at once. Throw in a hot kiss from the opposite sex and you have "Trip." [ More Info/Purhase... ]

Vegas De Milo
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Sonically huge, soaring power pop alternating with more acoustic jangles with ultimate snappiness like Built To Spill and the musical balls-out rockin' of Everclear. With hooks like these, you'll swear you have heard these songs before.. and if not, you'll be certain that they were meant to exist... and that it's about time you found them. For a carefree, rockin', feel-good experience, Vegas De Milo has more than enough punch, drive and backbeat for hungry ears. With their knack for clever, mischievous construction that doesn't shy away from Funk, Hard Rock and even Hip Hop influences, this band has a tasty morsel for all breeds of genre-adventurous listeners. [ More Info/Purhase... ]

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