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Chris Vasquez
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Clench that rose between your teeth, throw your head back and dip your shoulders, winking, as you tango around your living room (eek, watch out for the furniture!) in this evocative album of classic Argentinian tangos. With the impassioned voice of the legendary singer Carlos Gardel, guitar and bandoneón accompaniment, you will be embarking on an unforgettable seduction.. run kitty, run! [ More Info/Purhase... ]

El Son del Pueblo
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While it is neither mariachi nor flamenco, if you like either one you're going to fall over with glee upon hearing this album of the traditional 'Son Jarocho' music of Veracruz, Mexico. Featuring brilliant vocals and the bright tone of the Veracruz folk harp (arpa jarocha), this is one album that will have you heading for the border and reaching for the Jose Quervo! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [ More Info/Purhase... ]

Los Cenzontles with Julian Gonzalez
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Ahhh, yes. Perfect music for summer- it will have you reaching for the Jose Quervo and searching out a sunny siesta spot to bake in the sunshine. What better addition to your summer preparations than a fruity, well-seasoned album of traditional Mexican Mariachi? In this, their second volume of rarely heard sones abajeños and canciones rancheras of the traditional mariachi, pure sunshine overflows with joyous vocals- the perfect inspiration for dancing and kicking back. [ More Info/Purhase... ]

Tito Francia
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We must tell you before you give this a listen, there are no studio tricks used in this recording. This classical guitarist is truly this fast. Impossible, you say? Almost. Don't miss these lovely arrangements of favorites for Spanish guitar. [ More Info/Purhase... ]

Victor Hugo
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Venezuelan artist, Victor Hugo, has done it again, delivering an irresistible, appetizing, fiery and hot chili-inspired album of genuine Salsa and Latin Jazz. Need to get that hubby of yours away from the TV and off his arse? If this album won't inspire at least the faintest of shoulder-shaking and hip-swaying,he's probably already in a beer coma. Seriously, if Salsa is your weakness, put off your vow of shopping celibacy for just one more day because 'El Niche soy yo' is one you need for your stash- and one album goes a long, long way. [ More Info/Purhase... ]

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