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Bill Solly and Friends
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Get out your top hat, your dancing cane and start practicing your steps because this album of perky showtunes, all with the theme of relating to the relationships of gay men, is one bubbly, Broadway treasure. Even if you swear you're not a Broadway fan, you won't be able to keep from smiling and chuckling at Bill Solly's musical wit and lyrical facetiousness. With a long track-record in writing for musicals, this talented composer whips up a collection of snappy and chipper tunes, sure to dance those dark clouds away. [ More Info/Purhase... ]

John Blaylock
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If the shameless, neurotic, commercialistic insanity of this "season" has turned you utterly away from Christmas Pop, take heart. These full-bodied Christmas songs, originally fresh and new ones as well as those you know and sing backwards in your sleep, are reinterpreted and wrapped up in a soft, colorful package of varying Jazz, Pop, Folk, and New Age gems. With seamless, soaring male vocals that embody styles from Kenny Loggins to Johnny Mathis, this is Christmas Pop that you won't be returning The Day After. [ More Info/Purhase... ]

Mack Bailey
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While summer is long past now, this fresh country folk album, evoking images of front porch swings and homemade lemonade, is a hearty dose of good natured, wholesome sweet folk from the sunny country sides for fans of artists from John Denver to Amy Grant to Randy Travis, all whom he has opened for. Who can resist such a fresh sound in any season? [ More Info/Purhase... ]

Matt Bogart
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Not to be confused with Humphrey, Matt Bogart is a voice that you will surely recognize if you are any kind of Broadway buff. Fully backed by orchestra, you will feel like you're right back in the audience at your favorite musical; and with a voice and personality that knows the Broadway art backwards and forwards, this is an album that delivers. Just don't be caught singing along in your car on the highway as this one is going to bring out the real drama queen in you. [ More Info/Purhase... ]

Michelle Whitson Stone
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If the genre "Easy Listening" conjures up images of a hotel lobby, an elevator, a doctor's waiting room, Kenny G's latest release and other "muzak" types, this classy, sophisticated and warming album of solo harp will come as a life-saver. With a mellow, jazzy touch that gently blends in Pop and with melodies that are so lovely that even when original, they are already familiar, this album is one that will stay at the top of your collection for years to come. Perfect music for entertaining and relaxing. [ More Info/Purhase... ]

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