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3 Leg Torso
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Known around Portland, OR for their mischievous and tantalizing work, that both tickles and pinches audiences with a sinister and comedic spice and just a touch of cartoon-like playfulness, 3 Leg Torso delivers a zingy album stirring and coupling Middle Eastern influences, alternative klezmer, tango and folk dance. From creeping, thief-in-the-night images to light, elegant waltzes that conjure up a small French cafe, the evocative tug of the accordion, the sprinkling of percussion and mallets, the sawing of violin and cello and the chuckling upright bass, make this ensemble a pure delight to hear. [ More Info/Purhase... ]

Haimovitz, Kashkashian, Kavafian, Bennett, Rose, BMOP
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No less than thoroughly stunning, breathtaking and totally arresting, this ingenious album of contemporary classical experimental works is unprecedented in its pronounced vision and brilliantly innovative conception of acoustic and computer-aided electric crossover. In this vision, Hyperstrings "are [acoustic] instruments enhanced with technology, designed 'to enable the performer's normal playing technique and interpretive skills to shape and control computer extensions to the instrument, thus combining the warmth and personality of human performance with the precision and clarity of digital technology.'" Featuring hypercello, computer-altered voice and Hyperviolin with Chamber Orchestra, these works are undoubtedly some of the most pioneering masterpieces of contemporary music and should not be missed by either classical, experimental or electronic connoisseurs. If any album can be considered a masterpiece among the CD Baby warehouse, this is certainly it. [ More Info/Purhase... ]

John Harbison
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Listed as one of the top ten releases of 2001 by the New York Times, this impressive 2-CD set offers an expressive sampling of the golden chamber works of Pulitzer prize-winning composer, John Harbison- one of America's most prominent and loved contemporary classical figures. Rippling with color and tenderly-woven,emotional undercurrents, these works for string quartet and strings with soprano, are equally and alternately proud, plaintive and wistful, ranging in atmosphere from a soft breeze blowing in through the window to yearning, taffy-like emotional build that creeps through the string lines, pulling and pushing within itself. While Harbison expresses himself through contemporary, expansive harmony, the precise attention to themes and structure make these works accessible and penetrating, even for audiences new to contemporary classical music. A shining star in the CD Baby collection and a definite must-have for anyone following our growing Classical section. [ More Info/Purhase... ]

Marko Ciciliani
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Not the type of CD you will find in your mall's CD store or even in the more eclectic sections of the privately owned music store. For the classical connoisseur familiar with Xenakis, Stockhausen and Cage, this is an album to stimulate and invigorate the ears and mind. Contemporary classical vision is actualized through the meeting of acoustic instruments with carefully chosen electronics, manipulated with imagination and with a thorough knowledge of compositional craft. For the non-academic wishing to take a daring leap into a universe of limitless scope, "Tullius Rooms" is a frontier to experience. [ More Info/Purhase... ]

Thomas Paul, Basso
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A thoroughly potent album of vividly colorful, imagery-rich and evocative classical chamber music by composer, Bernard Rands, an established and notable figure in contemporary music. His studies with Dallapicola and Berio have helped to cultivate his lyrical expression and tender sophistication, as the most delicate subtleties are carefully crafted and integrated in these striking and enchanting works. Featuring the notable and accomplished basso, Thomas Paul, this finely polished album is a gem in both the vocal and instrumental arenas. Rands' expansive use of harmony, visceral orchestration and his attention to emotional build make this album accessible for the novice as well as the academic. One of the most valued treasures at CD Baby. [ More Info/Purhase... ]

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